Girl’s Day Minah older sister shocks fans with her vocals

Girl’s Day Minah‘s older sister, Bang Hyun Ah, was featured on popular singing show I Can Hear Your Voice and blew everyone away with her voice.

In a recent episode of Mnet‘s I Can Hear Your Voice, panel members had to guess whether a contestant was really Minah’s musically talented older sister, or whether she was just a tone-deaf non-celebrity who looked similar to her.

While the panel members were torn between the two options, as soon as Minah’s sister began singing live to Girl’s Day’s “Something”, everyone in the studio couldn’t hide their shock at how powerful and clear her voice was. Several of the hosts even had to ask if she really was performing the song live, as she hit every high note with complete accuracy.

During the performance, Minah decided to make a surprise appearance and join her on stage, to which Hyun Ah didn’t realize for a few moments as she was completely focused on her performance.

After her stage, Hyun Ah revealed that she was actually a debuted artist with the group WANNA.B, and also expressed that she appeared on this show for one purpose:

“Last year I debuted as a singer in the group WANNA.B, but since then I’ve only ever been known as the “Minah look-alike” or “Minah’s older sister”, so I wanted to show the world that I existed.”

— Bang Hyun Ah

In response, Minah applauded her and expressed her support for the group and for her older sister as an artist also.

“I wanted to support her a lot, but I never got the chance to tell her. I still don’t really know how to express my support, so I came out on the show. I hope she does well. I’m supporting her like a younger sister should.”

— Girl’s Day’s Minah

Watch Bang Hyun Ah’s amazing performance here!

Source: My Daily