Girl’s Day Minah Shows Off Her Brand New Luxury Car

Girl’s Day’s Minah got herself a brand new ride, and it’s spanking clean, sleek, and gorgeous.

Minah posted a photo of herself in a garage, standing in front of a luxurious looking car, and it looked somewhat like a making of a luxury car-related photoshoot.

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Until fans saw the next photo, where Minah is sitting in the driver’s seat!

Fans and netizens speculate that the car is Cadillac CT6 Sedan, the base model of which is around $54,000 USD and can go up to $89,000 USD.

The CT6 is coveted for its beautiful lines outside and its famed luxurious interior designs.

And anyone lucky enough to be in the backseat of Minah’s new car could potentially watch all of Girl’s Day music videos in the rear seat screens.

Since Minha’s mentioned difficulties in her household before, that she now has a luxury sedan is good proof that she’s continually on the rise for the better!

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Here’s to hoping that Minah continues to succeed and that she always, always drives safe!