Girls’ Generation Almost Debuted With Only 2 Members, Here’s What Changed

It could’ve been a much different group.

As one of the most influential girl groups, many know Girls’ Generation as an eight-member group and nine before Jessica Jung‘s departure. On Makgeolli On The Rooftop, Yuri and Hyoyeon revealed the group’s original lineup looked much different than you’d expect.

Yuri and Hyoyeon. | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

Thinking back on the many years they’ve been friends, Yuri mentioned that she and Hyoyeon trained together from the young age of twelve. That’s when Hyoyeon added, “When we were dancing, I thought we were going to be a duo before Girls’ Generation.

Although Yuri and Hyoyeon were amazing dancers, they weren’t the only duo being considered for a debut. Yuri revealed, “Within the group, we tried different settings for different groups.

The members experimented with group sizes, including the option of adding one more to their duo. Yuri said, “We could’ve debuted with two members or three.

Since every one of the members has different talents to bring to the table, SM Entertainment realized it was best to debut them all as one group instead.

See Hyoyeon and Yuri look back on their years of friendship and trainee days here.

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