Girl’s Generation Hyoyeon Spotted Supporting Seohyun’s Solo

Seohyun has been receiving a lot of lovefrom fellow Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon as she continues promotions for her solo debut. 

On February 3rd, Hyoyeon was spotted supporting Seohyun and cheering her at KBS Music Bank. The youngest member of Girls’ Generation was at the music show to promote her debut solo track “Don’t Say No” when Hyoyeon surprised her backstage.

Evidence of their meet-up was posted on their respective Instagram accounts, where the two showed off their close friendship with matching photos. Seohyun expressed her happy mood upon Hyoyeon’s visit, showing how close the members of Girls’ Generation really are.

Seohyun captioned her post, “#SeohyunIsExcitedBecauseHyoyeonCame #HyoyeonIsExcitedBecauseSheSawSeohyun #ILoveHyoBaby #DoYouLoveMe? #DontSayNo”

Hyoyeon also showed her adoration for Girls’ Generation’s maknae and posted the photo with the caption, “Seo Joohyunnie is pretty. I’ll cheer for #DontSayNo until my throat explodes. #Maknaengi #Mangdoongie.” 

Early this year, Seohyun became the fouth member of the group to promote as a solo artist, following TaeyeonTiffany, and Hyoyeon. She continues to promote her title track “Don’t Say No.”

Source: Dispatch