A Girls’ Generation reunion just happened on Tiffany’s Instagram

All thanks to Tiffany, fans were able to catch a candid Girls’ Generation reunion through an update on Instagram. 

On February 7, Tiffany surprised fans with an impromptu stream on Instagram Live. She brought viewers to the set of their latest shoot for Casio and prompted them to see what happens behind the scenes.

Tiffany started the stream with the question, “You waited a long time, right?, while the rest of the members voiced their eagerness to participate. The candid interaction between the members caught the attention of their fans especially since the members remain focused on their individual activities at present.

At one point of the stream, for example, the members managed to promote Seohyun’s solo track “Don’t Say No.” They promoted the track through a few puns as well as a playful version of Seohyun’s choreography.

Though the members may be focused on their individual activities at present, many are excited for the possibility of the group reuniting on stage this year. Recently, Sooyoung hinted at a comeback for the second half of the year while on a trip to Spain.