Girls’ Generation Spotted Playing Hot Potato With Microphones Once Again

Girls’ Generation‘s hot potato microphone pass was a common sight in the group’s older interviews, but they’ve recently started doing it again, showing that some things really never change.

Beginning during their promotions for the single “Hoot”, Girls’ Generation were often spotted passing on the microphone during interviews, hoping that the responsibility of answering the interviewer’s questions would fall onto another member.

This seems to have been a pretty common practice for the girls as they were caught on multiple occasions passing microphones around, and the girls’ games of hot potato quickly became a hilarious part of the group’s character.

Although it has been years since they have been caught doing this, they were recently spotted back up to their old ways. Even after 10 years, the girls are still trying their best to get out of having to speak.

At a fan signing event for Casio, the group was once again spotted doing all they could to get out of holding the mic. It really does appear that some things never change; even though the girls have grown up beautifully, it looks like their playful antics have stayed the same.

Check out this compilation of Girls’ Generation playing hot potato with the mic below!