Girls’ Generation Yoona Starts New Winter Trend With This Look

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona is setting trends with her extremely fashionable look for the cold winter months ahead in Korea.

On December 2nd, Yoona attended a fan signing ceremony for the clothing company, H:CONNECT. It took place in one of their flagship shops in Gangnam, Seoul.

Yoona prepared for the cold weather by looking stylish and weather appropriate at the same time. Although she was chicly dressed in a knitted top and short skirt, she added some warmth and comfort into her long through a white, long, padded coat. The uncanny styling combination attracted attention.

Yoona balances comfort and style in one look.

H:CONNECT describes their brand as casual and stylish, and specifically chose Yoona to model for them back in 2015.

Could Yoona start a new winter trend of stylish, padded coats? It could be the next thing after bomber jackets popularized by most idols this season.



Source: Dispatch