Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon And GOT7’s Jackson Once Had The Most Heartwarming Interaction

Taeyeon is so kind.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was one of the guests on an episode of Please Take of My Refrigerator. GOT7‘s Jackson was one of the hosts for the episodes.

It begins with the hosts looking through Taeyeon’s fridge, where they see some strawberries. Jackson decided to try some of the strawberries.

Jackson seemed to like the strawberries, where he’s seen constantly holding them.

Taeyeon lets Jackson know that the strawberries were given by SM Entertainment. This excites Jackson to take one more bite of the strawberries.

Taeyeon eventually gives in and just gives the strawberries to Jackson.

Jackson isn’t shy and accepts them without much hesitation.

During another segment, Jackson tells everyone that he believes that he’s not very popular.

Taeyeon is quick to defend Jackson, where she gives him the ultimate compliment.

Jackson couldn’t help but feel energetic and happy about Taeyeon’s compliment.

Here are the full videos below!