Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany caught liking hysterical meme of Seohyun

Tiffany has made a candid return to Instagram and was found liking a few posts about fellow Girls’ Generation member Seohyun. 

Recently, Tiffany was caught by fans on a liking spree on the social networking site Instagram. Initially, she was seen liking images from Sooyoung’s themed birthday party, which she attended with the rest of Girls’ Generation, but one particular post by a fan captured Tiffany’s attention.

It was discovered that she had liked a hilarious meme of Seohyun that has been circulating around Instagram. The meme was a photo of Seohyun with braids edited alongside a photo of Snoop Dogg, captioned with “Expectation” and “Reality” underneath.

The account that made the original meme is well-known by fans as a page that captures funny moments featuring the members. Since Tiffany’s approval, the page has generated even more interest for its humorous edits.

Amongst Girls’ Generation fans, Tiffany is quite known for her candid habits on Instagram. Even though she went on hiatus on Instagram for a while, she was still able to show her support for fellow members and was even recently responsible for a rare reunion update with Girls’ Generation.