Hidden Details You Might Have Missed in GOT7’s Comeback MV “You Calling My Name”

A meaningful symbol is hidden within the MV.

GOT7 recently released their latest album Call My Name recently and with it, their excitingly different MV for the title track, “You Calling My Name”.

While you have probably seen the video already, you might have missed several interesting details in the MV.

Take this, for example. What do these revolving symbols mean?

An Ahgase explains the meaning behind these symbols well.

Still on symbols, here’s another interesting symbol in the MV.

The symbol they did means “name” in Korean sign language!

Another thing to note in the MV is how well the boys look. JB and Youngjae even went on a diet for this comeback. Look how sexy Youngjae is in his leather suit.

And JB is looking like a million bucks too!

The new MV showcases a sleeker, sexier and darker vibe, a first for GOT7 and quite a departure from their previous lighter–themed MVs. Speaking of sexy, did you notice they don’t wear shirts underneath the leather suits?

“You Calling My Name” was jointly written by JB and Park Jin Young, the founder and producer of JYP Entertainment, GOT7’s entertainment agency.  Together, they also wrote the other five new songs in the new EP “Call My Name”.

Watch the full video of “You Calling My Name” here.