BamBam Had The Best Reaction When He Discovered How Many Fanboys Were At GOT7’s Concert

There was no hiding his reaction!

When GOT7 stopped in Dallas, Texas for their Keep Spinning tour, BamBam found out just how many fanboys were in the crowd and his reaction said it all!


With their high-energy and flawless performances, GOT7 brought some serious heat to Dallas and Ahgases loved it! And during one part of the night, GOT7 found out exactly how much fans liked it!


During the concert, BamBam asked all the ladies to cheer along with him.

All my ladies say ‘hell yeah!’

— BamBam


After getting a big response, Jackson had a little something to say. He pointed out that there were a lot of guys in the audience too! In turn, BamBam asked all the guys in the crowd to give a cheer too.

Okay, what should I say? All my boys say ‘hell yeah!’

— BamBam


And when they not only gave a cheer but a big one…well…BamBam couldn’t hide his happy surprise!


And after calming down a little, BamBam made sure to do the cheer with all the fans one more time!

Okay, let’s do it one more time. All my ladies say ‘hell yeah!’ All my boys say ‘hell yeah!’

— BamBam


BamBam’s adorable reaction to finding out how many fanboys were in the crowd is making everyone fall even further in love with him and it’s not hard to see why!