GOT7’s BamBam Bought A Tattoo Sweater For His Cat And It’s Honestly The Greatest Thing Ever

Now his purr babies are the swaggiest cats around!

When it comes to giving his purr babies all the love, GOT7‘s BamBam is definitely doing it right. Not only do his four cats, Latte, Pudding, Cupcake, and King, have their own dedicated section on BamBam’s Instagram page but whenever GOT7 go on tour BamBam always shares extra clips of them and says just how much he misses them!


So when BamBam got the opportunity to go live at home, he didn’t hesitate one second to bring some of the focus to his feline friends! Throughout the live, he spent plenty of time giving out kitty kisses…


Revealing why he prefers to talk to his cats in Korean…

I speak Korean with them because I’m afraid that when I take them to a cat hotel or hospital, they won’t understand what the staff says.

— BamBam


And giving glimpses of Latte’s new swaggy sweater!


As the fashion king, of course, his kitty would have to have something stylish too and later, fans got a closer look at the sweater through a special Instagram story.


Now, Latte’s swaggy style is getting some serious love from fans who are seriously digging the purrfect look (sorry I couldn’t help myself) and loving the fact that BamBam really got the accessory for his fur baby!


Now Latte has some pure swag just like his dad!