GOT7’s BamBam Challenged JB For His Leader Position On “Idol Room”

GOT7 even held an election for the position:

GOT7‘s fearless leader has been JB from day one, but on the latest episode of JTBC‘s Idol Room, another member came for his position.


On the latest episode of Idol Room, GOT7 appeared as guests to promote their new mini-album SPINNING TOP. But that’s not all they did! During the show, BamBam revealed that he had always wished to be the leader of the group.


And after Dong Hyung Don and Defconn let the members air their grievances against the current leader, JB, they set up an election for a temporary leader during the duration of their promotions for their title track “Eclipse”.


Both candidates got a chance to reveal why they would be the best candidate. While JB promised to increase the quality of GOT7’s food…

If I am leader again, I will use my own money to increase the quality of our food. I will invest 25,000 won per person!

— JB

BamBam had his own promise in regards to food!

I’ll deposit the money if you tell me what you want to eat. And if you ordered food, I’ll make sure to deposit money right away.

— BamBam


With both options sounding pretty good, the members got down to voting and when the numbers were revealed, JB and BamBam were tied! But with the final vote coming in, JB was successfully named the leader again!


Of course, JB didn’t take his victory lightly and gave a big thank you to his members.


Once a leader, always a leader. Thank you for trusting me. I will continue to work hard!

— JB


Although BamBam would definitely make a great leader too, there’s just no one like fearless leader JB!

Source: Osen