GOT7’s BamBam Is ‘Cooking Up’ Something New, And Teases Ahgases With Potential Plans For 2022

But can we handle it?

GOT7‘s BamBam has been busy promoting his new comeback track “Who Are You,” which has proved to be a huge success.

He’s been doing the “Who Are You” challenge with many people, including GOT7’s leader Jay B (resulting in some hilarious bickering), as well as his own sister.

BamBam and Red Velvet’s Seulgi | @bambam1a/Instagram

But it seems like he’s actually even busier than what it looks, as in a live stream last week he stated that he has not only been working hard on his comeback, but that he’s also been working on new music.

| @bambam1a/Instagram

In fact, it seems like he’s been spending quite a lot of time in the studio.

Naturally, BamBam did not share what exactly he was working on, but fans can prepare to be excited because during the live stream, he told his friend and collaborator, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, that what he was working on would be released soon.

This comes as a surprise considering that BamBam has only just made his comeback. But fans online have been speculating about things he mentioned in terms of his plans for 2022, particularly considering potential plans with the other members of GOT7. What can Ahgases expect in 2022 if this is to be their year?

We can’t help but wonder what BamBam will come up with next, especially since the reveal of “Who Are You” with Seulgi already had everyone so shook. But if one thing is for sure, it’s that BamBam has seriously impressed with his comeback, meaning that fans can look forward to more great things from him in the future. The question is, can we handle whatever BamBam’s cooking up?