GOT7’s BamBam Was Happy To Discuss His Members’ Drinking Habits — And To Expose Their Alcohol Tolerance Levels

He confirmed the hilarious truth.

It’s no secret that some members of GOT7 have a lower alcohol tolerance level than others, as Jay B once proved when Jackson and Jinyoung had to carry him home after he got a little too drunk.

Recently, BamBam was only too happy to discuss the topic of the members’ tolerance levels, immediately claiming that Jay B had the lowest tolerance…

| 110bird/YouTube

..while also being forced to hilariously admit that he doesn’t have a good tolerance himself.

But, as expected, he still spent the most time poking fun at Jay B’s ‘drinking style,’ saying that each member had his own style and that Jay B’s is ‘bluffing’ before fainting.

As for Mark, BamBam says that he doesn’t have a habit of drinking much, but that he does seem to have the highest tolerance!

Yugyeom does not drink much these days, according to BamBam, though he did used to enjoy it before. Youngjae, meanwhile, seems to easily find drinking buddies in the GOT7 group chat…

…except for Jinyoung, who BamBam says is always too busy to reply to drinking invitations.

BamBam never misses an opportunity to poke fun at his members, even Jinyoung, so it’s no surprise that he was happy to talk about GOT7’s drinking styles and alcohol tolerance levels again. The back-and-forth banter between the members is always fun to watch, especially because it proves how close they are as friends. We can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

You can watch the clip in the video below.