GOT7’s BamBam Found His Wall Art Lookalike And Had To Recreate The Art Piece In Real Life

Recreating it in real life was a must:

While GOT7 definitely weren’t expecting to find BamBam‘s wall art lookalike while exploring London’s famous Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel, they did. And once found, of course, BamBam had to recreate it in real life too!


In between taking in all the wall art and creating a little of their own, GOT7 discovered a very familiar face among the pieces of art while exploring the famous Leake Street graffiti tunnel in London on the latest episode of GOT7’s Tourlog.


While touring the tunnel, Mark suddenly noticed one particular piece of artwork…or more specifically who was in it! Finding one artwork stylized to look like an Instagram post, Mark couldn’t help sharing his sudden discovery of BamBam.

Wait… Isn’t that BamBam? Isn’t it BamBam?

— Mark


As Yugyeom hilariously declared the lady in the art piece to be BamBam’s younger sister Baby, BamBam decided he absolutely had to recreate this piece…


And had Yugyeom step in for “Baby!”

Gyeom, do that behind me. You do the same pose behind me!

— BamBam


While BamBam and Yugyeom had their members cracking up with their masterpiece, they weren’t the only ones! Ahgase can’t stop laughing over Mark’s reaction, Yugyeom’s sister declaration, and BamBam’s insistence to recreate the piece of wall art!


You’ve got to love them! Check out their real-life wall art moment as well as more hilarious, sweet, and fun moments with GOT7 in London below: