GOT7’s BamBam Is Gaining Attention For Helping An Ahgase Win The Lottery…Again

BamBam has been bringing fans lots of luck:

GOT7‘s BamBam not only brings fans lots of happiness with his bright smile, energetic personality, and undeniable skills on stage but BamBam has also been bringing fans lots of luck too!

Image: @bambam1a/Instagram

About a week ago, BamBam shared some of the fun he had trying out Instagram’s age filter. The post brought lots of joy to Ahgase, especially since BamBam playfully joked about the age he was expecting to see based on an encounter he had with a waiter during GOT7’s Keep Spinning tour.

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Lol😏 I thought i look 46

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While Ahgase everywhere got a good laugh from his post, one fan got something more. A Thai Ahgase recently decided to play the number BamBam mentioned in his caption, 46 in this case, and ended up winning the lottery!

Image: @un_matt9397/Twitter

The news immediately gained a whole lot of attention, particularly because this isn’t the first time something like this has happened! In the past, everything from the numbers stitched on BamBam’s clothing to numbers on vehicles he’s ridden in has resulted in some luck for fans.

So when BamBam seemingly predicted these numbers once again, he quickly began topping the trends in Thailand and around the world for bringing Ahgase lots of luck and being their “BamBamulet.”

And although this isn’t the first time that it’s happened, Ahgase can’t help but be blown away by the luck BamBam seems to give fans…

And neither can BamBam himself!