Netizens Think GOT7’s BamBam Might Have Indirectly Shaded J.Y. Park — Here’s What He Said


Earlier in the year, GOT7 chose not to re-sign with JYP Entertainment. After the decision, they all signed with various labels and, in particular, BamBam chose to sign with ABYSS COMPANY

Members of GOT7 | @got7.with.igot7/ Instagram

After leaving the company, BamBam has spoken about his relationship with J.Y. Park and why it was so important for the members of the group to leave JYP Entertainment!

BamBam recently appeared alongside fellow labelmate Sunmi on SBS PowerFM‘s Cultwo Show, where they discussed their songs, GOT7 bias, and even had a dance. In particular, there was a moment where the topic of his former company came up, even if it was indirectly.

BamBam with Sunmi

Although it has mainly been positive words, with BamBam even revealing how his former CEO listened to his new album, it seems as if something he said during the show caught the attention of fans.

During the show, the hosts explained that they thought that BamBam had the aura of a CEO because of how he dressed. Sunmi then added, “Doesn’t it seem like he’ll be a CEO one day?


However, it was BamBam’s response that fans noticed and had them talking on social media. In response to Sunmi’s comment, BamBam joked, “My boss now treats me very well.


After the show was aired, Ahgases went on Twitter and shared their thoughts on the comments. Although BamBam has had nothing but kind words for their former CEO in previous videos, many focused on the word “now” and thought it was an indirect dig at J.Y Park!