GOT7’s BamBam Spills On Which Member Had The Hardest Time Preparing For GOT7’s Comeback

He got real about the hardships the members experienced.

While making a comeback is never easy, GOT7 had to work particularly hard to make their 2022 comeback happen. In an interview with W Korea, BamBam got real about some of the difficulties he and the members experienced, and who had it the hardest out of all of them.

GOT7 celebrated their eighth anniversary together this year. BamBam was asked what he and the members had talked about on their anniversary, and his answer? About how old they feel now.

BamBam admitted people often tell him he shouldn’t talk about feeling old. But as a K-Pop idol, being young is not always enough—with all the work they have to do and their endlessly busy schedule, it can be difficult to maintain one’s physical and mental stamina. BamBam himself says that now “there are times when my bones hurt while performing onstage.”

Given that even GOT7’s youngest members are finding it difficult to keep up with the demands of the industry, W Korea asked BamBam who in the group is having the hardest time. While BamBam has often teased his older members, the truth is that he did notice leader Jay B having a hard time preparing for this comeback, amusingly adding “he’s also old.”

According to BamBam, ever since Jay B began to move out of his twenties, his eye bags have gotten more and more prominent.

But knowing that Jay B struggled a lot preparing for this comeback might not actually surprise fans all that much though. Not after it was revealed that Jay B had been working hard all year to make it happen, obtaining the rights to GOT7 in the process and leading his group to history as the first self-owned group in K-Pop.

Seeing as the members were spread out all over the world for the past year pursuing their own solo activities, it is very impressive that GOT7 managed to come together again to make a comeback this year. Jackson Wang also opened up about the difficulties of making it all happen, but thankfully, no matter how hard it was, the members gave it their best and gifted Ahgases with a perfect new album!

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