GOT7’s BamBam Nearly Broke The Internet With A Single Photo Of His Arm

The photo has been capturing everyone’s attention:

GOT7‘s BamBam spent some time with his family in Thailand and doing good with UNICEF. But his time there also caught the public’s attention thanks to one single photo.

BamBam’s family had been uploading pictures from a family dinner together including one photo posted to Instagram by BamBam’s aunt showing a close-up of his arm and hand.

While fans, of course, are loving the photo especially since it shows he’s getting to spend some quality time with family, there’s another reason why this photo snagged everyone’s attention.

It’s the watches and ring in the photo. Or more specifically their price tag! Detective Ahgase quickly dug into the mystery of his accessories as soon as the photo was posted and they quickly discovered the watches were by luxury brand Audemars Piguet priced at approximetaly $42,500 and $62,000 USD respectively while the ring was from Cartier and was priced at $8,800 USD.

Which meant that BamBam had $113,300 USD on his arm! This discovery quickly went viral among the fandom and it’s been leaving everyone speechless ever since.


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