GOT7’s BamBam Poked Fun At His Spin In The “Eclipse” Teaser And Ahgases Are Loving It

BamBam totally just turned himself into a meme:

When it comes to teasing his members, there’s no one quite like GOT7‘s BamBam. But it turns out that BamBam is also 100% down with teasing himself when the opportunity arises!


A few days ago GOT7 dropped a second teaser for their upcoming comeback. The teaser blessed everyone with a sneak peek at some of their stunning choreography as well as a snippet of sound.


It turns out, however, that that’s not all the teaser blessed fans with! Taking one particular scene from the teaser where BamBam and JB spin each other…


Everyone, including BamBam, realized it was meme gold! Some Ahgases had wondered why it looked like BamBam was hailing a cab in that particular shot and soon enough BamBam joined in his own taxi calling tweet!


After BamBam’s post, Ahgases were soon going wild with even more creations and before long BamBam was blending things up…


Flying through space and starring in movies…


And, of course, finally catching a ride!

BamBam turning himself into a meme, is just another reason on the long list of reasons to love BamBam!