GOT7’s BamBam Praises Sunmi’s Rapping Skills In “You Can’t Sit With Us”

This is the cutest duo!

Talented artists and good friends GOT7‘s BamBam and Sunmi recently guested on SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’ where the two discussed their close friendship as well as Sunmi’s comeback!

During their time on the radio show, Sunmi expressed how dear she holds 1/6 to her heart as she participated in much of its creation.

This is an album I made with a lot of thought. I confirmed every single one of them. I wrote the lyrics for all 6 songs. Except for the title songs ‘You can’t sit with us’ and ‘SUNNY’, I participated in composing the song.

— Sunmi

Sunmi went on to convey how much she loves the song’s bright and girly concept. Unlike her more dark and intense songs, Sunmi shared she loves “You Can’t Sit With Us’s” refreshing vibe.

It’s a bright, refreshing and lively song. The songs I’ve been doing so far have a bit of a dark feel to it, so I lightly released it this time so that many people can enjoy it comfortably.

— Sumi

BamBam also complimented Sunmi’s concept and revealed he noticed its different feeling that her other hits such as “Tail.”

I love it. It’s a completely different vibe from ‘Tail.’ Personally, I really liked the ‘Pporappippam’ concept, so I think she looks really cool in this one too.

— BamBam

BamBam also mentioned Sunmi’s rap part in “You Can’t Sit With Us” and stated that it was nice to hear.

I saw Sunmi’s music video. It was so good. It was so good to hear my sister’s rap this time.

— BamBam

Following BamBam’s praise, Sunmi asked BamBam how her overall rapping skills are to which BamBam replied that Sunmi’s rapping is better than hers. Flattered, Sunmi stated, “What are you talking about?! Everyone, look how humble BamBam is.

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Source: OSEN