GOT7’s BamBam Had The Cutest Response To A 61-Year-Old Fan During His Livestream

His sweetness is melting our hearts!

During GOT7 BamBam‘s recent live broadcast to announce his first solo album, an older fan dropped in to say hello.


One fan commented that they were a 61-year-old fan from Canada, and BamBam couldn’t help but notice it and read it out loud. And his response was unexpectedly super sweet and heartwarming.

He was touched that he could make this connection with a fan from across the world, and said it was all thanks to music.

I’m much younger than you but, I love how you know, we’re so far away but music—K-Pop—brings us together. I like that. That is the power of music.


Soon enough, other people began commenting their ages, from 44 years old to 12 years old. But regardless of age, anyone can enjoy K-Pop. After all, BamBam concluded that “It doesn’t matter, age is just a number.”

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