GOT7’s BamBam Reveals Which Members Would Have A Difficult Time Performing “RiBBon”

They would all kill it!

GOT7‘s BamBam recently sat down at KBS Cool FM Kang Hanna’s Volume Up radio show to discuss his hit “riBBon” and more!


After the show’s host Kang Hanna and BamBam discussed his solo experience and riBBon, Kang Hanna read some comments and questions sent in by fans.

One questioned brought up a comment made by BamBam during his live showcase. During his showcase, BamBam revealed he couldn’t do bright concepts as GOT7 because of the older member.” Because of this comment, a fan asked, “Please reveal to us the older members’ reactions after reading the article or hearing you say that. We already know what Youngjae said.

For those unaware, Youngjae hilariously responded, “Bam-ah, you and I only have an age difference of one year…..” to BamBam’s comment about his older members.

| @333cyj333/Instagram

As for the other members, BamBam said Jay B, the group’s leader, also responded to his comment.

He was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ I said let’s do exciting concepts.’ I told him I didn’t mean exciting concepts, I meant doing a cute concepts.


BamBam continued and shared that Jay B then gave an adorable apology for being old: “So he was like, ‘Ah, I’m sorry I’m old.

Kang Ha Na then asked the interesting question, “If ‘riBBon’ were to be performed as a group at a concert, who would have the most difficult time?

BamBam chose Jay B as the member who would struggle with the concept a bit. Despite BamBam naming Jay B, he also commented Jay would do it better than anyone if it was something they would do for fun.

In my personal opinion, oh Jay B would have the hardest time if we did it as a concept officially, but if we do it for fun, he would do it better than anyone.


Check out the video below: