GOT7 BamBam Reveals The Secrets To How He Stays In Shape

It seems like a lot of work!

GOT7‘s BamBam is known for his impressive physique and his recent love of working out! He even posted a video last year on the GOT7 YouTube channel showing fans his upper body workout, and you can still see these posts on his Twitter account!

In a recent video on his new YouTube channel BAMBAM Space, the singer went behind-the-scenes on a photoshoot he was doing with his new agency ABYSS COMPANY. During the shoot, BamBam was asked about his feelings ahead of the shoot and how he stays in shape!

BamBam started by explaining how it is not as easy as expected because he doesn’t gain weight that easily! It takes a lot of food, supplements, and effort to look that good!

He added that it took a lot of work and dedication and explained the most difficult thing about staying in shape. It is extremely relatable!

It was hard to miss how good BamBam is looking, especially in the photoshoot where he showcases his great frame in a sleeveless top.

Even with this, BamBam did not feel as if he was in his prime condition and promised fans that he would come back looking even better if that is even possible!

Don’t worry BamBam! You already look amazing, and fans will love you no matter what!