GOT7’s BamBam Recruits His Sister For The “Who Are You” Challenge, And Clearly Talent Runs In The Family

Like brother, like sister!

Ever since GOT7‘s BamBam released his new single “Who Are You” with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, he has continually given us more and more collabs…

…in the form of the “Who Are You” challenge for social media.

He encourages Ahgases to participate in the challenge by posting a video of themselves (and friends) doing official choreography from “Who Are You.”

BamBam has recruited the help of his own friends…

This includes the GOT7 members. So far, he has released a “Who Are You” challenge video with leader Jay B

Most recently, he and Youngjae released one that sent Ahgases into meltdown over their cuteness.

He even got his fellow Thai idol (and Youngjae’s So Not Worth It co-star/on-screen girlfriend) (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie to do one too.

Now, as BamBam is in Thailand, he challenges his friends and members but now his family!

He recently shared the “Who Are You” challenge, featuring his younger sister, Hataichanok Bhuwakul, who goes by “Baby.”

Clearly, both beauty and talent run in this family. Like brother, like sister!

Their mom is surely proud!

Reminds me of when we used to dance together all the time…

— Kochakorn Sermsuksakulchai (BamBam’s mom)

Source: @bambam1a