Ahgase Couldn’t Stop Laughing When GOT7’s BamBam Tried Out Instagram’s Age Filter

BamBam’s caption, in particular, had fans laughing hard.

Instagram’s popular age filter is supposed to reveal how old someone looks when they use it and recently, GOT7‘s BamBam decided to try the filter for himself!

BamBam just uploaded a short clip of himself trying it out. As the camera focused on his face, the ages started flicking past before settling on the number 24.

While BamBam had Ahgase smiling wide with the clip, it didn’t take long for him to have everyone cracking up hard and remembering one iconic moment from GOT7’s Keep Spinning tour. During the tour, BamBam told everyone the story about one interesting restaurant encounter in which he was suddenly told he looked 46-years-old by a waiter!

It turns out that BamBam hasn’t forgotten that moment at all because under his age filter post he hilariously captioned it with, “Lol. I thought I looked 46.

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Lol😏 I thought i look 46

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With BamBam’s caption reminding everyone of the infamous waiter story, Ahgase couldn’t help cracking up over the whole thing!

Well, at least he’s got a much more accurate number now thanks to the filter!