GOT7 BamBam’s “Feel Special” Dance Has Fans Convinced He’s The Secret 10th Member Of TWICE

Fans suspect BamBam is a secret member of TWICE!

With a special dance performance of TWICE‘s “Feel Special”, BamBam has convinced many fans that he’s not only a member of GOT7 but the secret 10th member of TWICE too!


GOT7 were wildin’ with Ahgase during their recent Keep Spinning tour stop in Manila. They delivered with flawless performance, fun ments, hilarious interactions, and even started an epic love story between two Ahgase!


But besides playing cupid, BamBam also showed off his legendary girl group dance skills by dancing to TWICE’s “Feel Special”. More specifically, he impressed by perfectly nailing the key point moves!


And he made sure every Ahgase got a clear view as he flawlessly showed off the move.


When Ahgase saw his special moves they couldn’t resist joking that BamBam was the hidden 10th member of TWICE and had a blast with the whole situation. Some Ahgase took the clips of BamBam’s dancing and added “Feel Special” over it…


While other fans enjoyed this gem created by a mystery Ahgase!


With Ahgase having so much fun with a short clip, now we really need a full version of BamBam’s “Feel Special” dance cover stat!