GOT7’s BamBam Unleashed His Aegyo In Full Force And Immediately Regretted It

Within 3-seconds BamBam was already regretting it:

It’s been a long time since fans were last blessed with a little bit of aegyo from GOT7‘s BamBam but the aegyo master recently made his return at the CP Sausage Frankster Party event in Thailand much to everyone’s delight…well, except his own!


During the event, the MCs and fans tried their hardest to get BamBam to do a little aegyo for them. While BamBam agreed, he was definitely feeling a bit shy already and had to take a few moments to prep himself.


Soon, however, BamBam was ready to move on and get all that aegyo over and done with. With a quick move, BamBam struck a pose that was full of aegyo…


And regret! In a matter of only 3 seconds, BamBam went from “don’t you think I’m the cutest” to “don’t you dare react to this.”


But while BamBam may have been feeling a little embarrassed after revealing his aegyo after so long, Ahgase have definitely been loving it! Some fans are taking the opportunity to save every picture they can from it…


While others simply can’t help cracking up over BamBam’s reaction!


With so much love for all that aegyo, who knows, maybe BamBam will decide to break out his aegyo skills a little more often.