GOT7’s Bambam Wasn’t Having It When “Fans” Tried To Invade His Privacy

There’s always a couple that try to cross the line.

No matter the situation, GOT7‘s Bambam isn’t afraid to speak his mind in any way that’s necessary. While he often comes up with the most iconic lines to make fans laugh, there are times when he has to become a little serious.

When a couple of fans tried to cross the lines he set for his own privacy, Bambam had to put his foot down.

During his last live broadcast, Bambam needed a refreshing change. He switched up his filming space, “You know, I used to do a [live broadcast] in this room: in my studio. But today, I wanted to change the vibe a little. So, I came out to my living room.

Since he knew fans would want to get a closer look at the room, Bambam had to set boundaries to protect his privacy. He wanted to keep parts of his home to himself, “But, I don’t really want to show you guys my house. So, yeah. This is going to be the view you’re looking at today.

Naturally, some fans didn’t receive the message and thought Bambam would change his mind. He read their request and quickly rejected it, “‘Show, please.’ Nah…” One time didn’t seem to be enough, either.

Minutes later, another fan asked for more than a glimpse of his living room. Staying calm, Bambam had to make himself clear, “‘Room tour.’ No room tour! I don’t want to show you my house.” He then came up with a witty solution.

Because a couple of fans kept making the request, Bambam gave them what they wanted—just not how they wanted it. He took his phone and quickly showed flashes of the room, “Really quick. That’s my house, thank you.

Although Bambam was able to turn the situation into a funny one with his quick thinking, it shows how much of an idol’s life isn’t as private as it should be. See him cleverly handle the problem from 4:37.