GOT7’s BamBam Made A Surprise Call To Yugyeom, Here’s What They Talked About

Their call was playful and heartwarming.

GOT7‘s BamBam recently held a live broadcast in celebration of his birthday, and during it, he made a surprise call to Yugyeom!

GOT7’s BamBam (Left) & Yugyeom (Right)

As soon as Yugyeom picked up, BamBam got playful and made some funny noises. Yugyeom accepted everything well.

| @AlwaysForGyeom/Twitter

Yugyeom also greeted Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) and asked them if they were doing well.

| @AlwaysForGyeom/Twitter

Yugyeom then shared that it’s been quite some time since he did a live broadcast, and BamBam told him to make a channel. BamBam also told Yugyeom that after he makes a channel, he plans on going to his company so that they could do a live broadcast together! Yugyeom was quite touched when BamBam said this.

| @AlwaysForGyeom/Twitter

Before ending the call, BamBam asked Yugyeom to give a message to Ahgases, and Yugyeom told them that he’s diligently working on his music and that he will be releasing something soon!

| @AlwaysForGyeom/Twitter    

Here’s the full clip below!