GOT7 BamBam’s One-Of-A-Kind Pick Up Line Will Make You Laugh Harder Than It Should

Even Jackson couldn’t handle it.

GOT7 revealed seven things people didn’t know about them, and the thing BamBam offered had everyone laughing.

He announced that he could do the best pick-up line. So, the rest of the group encouraged him to demonstrate his skill.

So, he did a series of movements of himself entering the camera’s frame. It seemed out of place, but he had a reason for it.

When he finally stopped and turned toward the camera, he delivered his ultimate pick-up line: “I just slid in your DM.”

Immediately afterward, all of GOT7 burst into laughter from the cheesy line. Mark shouted, “Ew.” Yugyeom clenched his chest and said, “Heart attack.” Jackson stated, “Please cut that out.” And, JB simply said, “Please delete.”

BamBam’s confidence is sky-high to come up with a line like that. Prepare yourself to check out the hilarious moment here.