An IGOT7 Wore Some Creative Costumes To GOT7’s Event And Now Everyone’s Declaring Her Their New Hero

Jinyoung even gave her a thumbs up of approval.

With 7 loud and energetic members who love to do the unexpected, it’s no surprise that GOT7 have lovingly earned the nickname “Extra7” from fans. But Ahgase themselves can be pretty extra too, and one fan’s unexpected costumes have stolen the hearts of her fellow Ahgase.


GOT7 recently finished up their Seven Secrets Fan Festival in Bangkok where they spent four days having a blast with fans. With fans still uploading plenty of content from the four-day-long fan festival, Ahgase have recently been falling in love with a fellow fan’s particular photos because they’re so unexpected and extra!


On the first day of the festival, the fan, @MrChaliazero, decided to go all out…by dressing like a hotdog! From head to toe, she played the part even painting her face to match her costume.


While everyone was already 100% down for her hotdog attire, @MrChaliazero came back with another surprise on the second day of the event. When day 2 rolled around, she decided a little wrestling was in order!


With two amazing costumes for two amazing fan event days, she came back again the for the third day this time as a soccer ball! She even went the extra mile to paint her face to match exactly!


Not stopping there, when the fourth day came, she had one more costume up her sleeves…a banana!


Her costumes came with an extra bonus too! She later shared the moment Jinyoung caught sight of her special look and got the thumbs up of approval from him.


And Jinyoung wasn’t the only one to give approval. Her fellow Ahgase have been over the moon seeing all the photos of her looks while enjoying some more moments capturing Jinyoung’s reaction to them!


Now can someone give her a medal because she’s a true hero!