GOT7 Insisted They Didn’t Have Any Spoilers But There Was No Stopping Jackson And BamBam

There’s no stopping these spoiler kings!

Asking GOT7 to resist the temptation to give spoilers is like asking someone to resist that last piece of cake. In other words, it’s a losing battle because that temptation is simply irresistible!

Image: @GOT7Official/Twitter

Even if most of the members can hold out, chances are high that someone else will still spoil something which is exactly what fans were secretly hoping for when GOT7 surprised fans with a livestream on February 16.

During the live, GOT7 were reading comments when they noticed one asking for spoilers. At first, Jackson and BamBam went out of their way to throw fans off the scent by insisting that there simply were no spoilers while Mark, JB, Jinyoung, Youngjae, and Yugyeom remained completely silent.

But the next thing they knew, BamBam was out of his seat, heading straight for the camera, and exclaiming, “Out of this world!

Cue GOT6.JPEG! Suspicious. Very suspicious!

That, however, wasn’t the only suspicious spoiler given! During their TMI segment, Jackson oh-so-casually declared, “We’ll start getting really busy from tomorrow onward.

Meanwhile, Jingyoung and Youngjae announced that Jackson’s TMI was more of a triple TMI and BamBam, well, did this!

While there’s always the chance that Jackson and BamBam may not have actually dropped a spoiler, considering their long history of dropping spoilers, many Ahgase are 100% certain that that’s exactly what they just did! Do you think the spoiler kings are back at it again?