GOT7’s Jackson Had The Best Reaction When Fans Weren’t Able To Recognize Him At First Glance

Jackson’s reaction was priceless!

It seems crazy to think that anyone could totally miss the presence of their bias but during the one event, that’s exactly what happened to GOT7‘s Jackson! Not too long ago, one clip of Jackson went viral after fans saw just how Jackson reacted when he realized fans were waiting for him outside one of his scheduled events but didn’t notice him at all.


Although there were plenty of Ahgase gathered around to welcome him at the venue, things didn’t go quite as expected when Jackson finally arrived. Since there was a considerable distance between where fans were waiting and where Jackson entered from when Jackson finally arrived fans simply weren’t able to tell if it was Jackson or not!


So what’s an idol to do when his fans are totally clueless to his presence? Well, Jackson decided to do something interesting to catch everyone’s attention. Jackson simply stopped walking and waited patiently for fans to realize it was really him!


Luckily, it didn’t take too long for fans to notice him and he was able to greet them with a big wave and smile before continuing on to his schedule…


But not before fans were able to capture a few photos of Jackson’s adorable pout while waiting for fans’ attention!


When the clip was first uploaded, it quickly caught everyone’s attention and fans were cracking up and absolutely falling in love with the way Jackson reacted to the whole situation!


How adorable!