GOT7’s Jackson Left A Cameraman Feeling Flustered AF By Simply Linking Their Arms Together

Fans are feeling the effects of the interaction too!

Whether he’s melting hearts with his sweet and kind personality or bringing some serious heat onstage, GOT7‘s Jackson has had a lot of experience leaving Ahgase feeling incredibly flustered. Recently, however, Jackson didn’t just come for Ahgases’ hearts, he came for a cameraman’s!


During GOT7’s recent airport departure to Thailand, one cameraman was focusing intently on filming Jackson and even walked backward to try and get the best angles for his report.


He so focused on Jackson, however, that he didn’t realize that his walking trajectory would lead him directly into BamBam! After he made his apologies to BamBam, the cameraman shyly ducked to the side of the crowd.


But Jackson wasn’t having any of that! After he had drifted to the edge of the crowd, Jackson reached out and pulled the cameraman closer…


Before linking arms with him and continuing through the airport!


Jackson continued to keep his arms linked with the cameraman’s for quite a while and based on the cameraman’s shy smiles, he was definitely feeling the effects!


Ahgase, meanwhile, were quick to pick up on the adorable interaction between the two and are absolutely loving it…


Especially the cameraman’s adorable shy and flustered reaction to Jackson’s actions!


There’s simply no escaping Jackson’s sweet, kind, and fluster-inducing charms!