GOT7’s Jackson Fills Hearts With Love As He Responds To Fans On Twitter

Jackson sent fans a whole lot of love:

When the clock struck midnight on January 10 KST, fans weren’t expecting to see GOT7‘s Jackson online nor were they prepared for the incredibly sweet way he started the day!


At midnight, Jackson surprised fans by popping onto his Twitter account and leaving Ahgase a message. Jackson posted two heart-fluttering pictures along with a “Love you all” message. Including a rose, Jackson asked fans to send him one of the emojis and to tag their love too!


Seeing Jackson’s message, fans began sending Jackson a whole lot of love right back. Within minutes, Jackson had received thousands of replies.


While Ahgase were already feeling overwhelmed by the original message, however, Jackson decided he wasn’t done with fans’ hearts just yet! Soon, Jackson was responding back to fans with even more love!


As Jackson continued to complete the circle of sweetness, he filled everyone’s heart to the brim with a whole lot of love, affection, and pure Jackson goodness! Now if that’s not the best way to start your day then what is!