GOT7 Jackson Made A Freudian Slip And His Reaction Has Fans in Stitches

Jackson may have less of a filter than most idols but his reaction to accidentally saying “jizz” on air is priceless.

While reading out fan comments Jackson hilariously mispronounced a fan’s ID name. Accidentally slipping in a slightly inappropriate colloquial term, Jackson quickly realized his mistake and corrected himself. After realizing his mistake, Jackson looked directly into the camera for the funniest “Oops”.

Jackson is a master of languages and has a total of four under his belt, but he Jackson has quite a history when it comes to rated-R slip-ups. In fact, on a Chinese show, Jackson accidentally mispronounced “thigh” and incidentally referred to his private parts as one of his most powerful body parts.

Luckily, Jackson never gets too embarrassed to mess up, making his initial shock worth a laugh or two.

Check out the full video below.