GOT7 Jackson Sends Tearful Goodbye Message To His Precious Suitcase

Fans were moved by the sweet and tearful goodbye message GOT7‘s Jackson wrote to his suitcase after purchasing new luggage.

The message read like a breakup note rather than a parting speech for a suitcase, and fans thought his emotion over the suitcase was endearing.

“No matter what, it was always there right beside me. Thank you so much for walking with me till this point today.

All the scars you have, the fact that you have to bump against all other luggage cases, also the fact that you have to carry heavy weights all the time, it was all because of me.

I am sorry.

And I couldn’t even imagine about leaving you.

Sigh… actually when I bought my new luggage case yesterday, after cleaning up all the stuff out. I felt so sad after looking at you standing at the corner of the room alone with all the scars you have.

Thank you so much my luggage case, and I promise, no other luggage case will replace you.

Thank you again and I love you.”
– GOT7’s Jackson

Jackson received lots of support from fans in his time of mourning, except his groupmate Youngjae, who found it funny and commented on the photo teasing him for getting so emotional.

“ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Wang hyung is the best”

— GOT7’s Youngjae

While there aren’t many photos of Jackson with his beloved, bright pink Hello Kitty suitcase, iGOT7’s will miss the piece like Jackson.

Judging from the message and the clearly worn appearance of his luggage, Jackson has been through a lot with his suitcase and will miss it dearly.

Hopefully, he’ll be able to make many fond and happy memories with his new suitcase!