GOT7’s Jackson Wanted Absolutely Nothing To Do With JB’s New Lizard Friend

JB’s new BFF was definitely not Jackson’s new BFF:

With his bright, playful, and sweet personality, GOT7‘s Jackson has always been able to make fast friends with anyone around him including some adorable friends in the animal kingdom. But while Jackson’s a-okay with making friends with, say puppies, he absolutely was not prepared to make friends with JB‘s new lizard BFF.


In the latest episode of GOT7 Hotline, fans got a behind look at GOT7’s time in Vietnam for the Asia Artist Awards (AAAs). While Ahgase got to see GOT7 practicing and performing, they also got a look into what happens behind closed waiting room doors at the awards show!


And GOT7 being GOT7, of course things got interesting especially when it came to JB discovering a little lizard chilling out there. While JB was all set to make friends with the scaly visitor, Jackson definitely wasn’t! In fact, all-out chaos soon erupted as Jackson tried to get far as possible from JB and his new lizard buddy!


Meanwhile, after causing all that chaos by teasing Jackson, JB was all smiles as he showed some love to his brand new lizard buddy!


And luckily for Jackson, JB ultimately decided his lizard pal needed to experience the world outside the waiting room and soon released him back outside.


While JB and Jackson had two completely opposite reactions to the little lizard, Ahgase, are living for the complete chaos because of it!


For more lizard fun as well as a behind look at GOT7’s time at the AAAs, make sure you check out the video below: