GOT7’s Jackson Sheds Light On K-Pop’s “Machine” Trainee System

He revealed what the “machine system” is really like.

GOT7‘s Jackson recently gave fans an insider’s perspective on K-Pop’s trainee system, and how it has shaped him as an artist.


In an interview with iHeartRadio‘s Ellie Lee, Jackson answered questions about his solo activities, collaborations, and more.


When Ellie Lee brought up the difficulties of K-Pop trainee life, Jackson candidly gave his opinion. He started out by dispelling the widely held belief that it’s a “machine system”.

I know there are a lot of discussions about [how it’s a] ‘machine system’, whatever, but it’s not.

— Jackson


Jackson said, “It’s a crazy, no mercy training system”, but also “the best system in the world”. He told Ellie Lee that he sees it as a positive, and necessary, approach.

Imagine you’re a toothpaste. They want to squeeze every single part of you out, to stretch you to the fullest, to get the best out of you. That’s the system that we all have to go through, not just as a trainee, but as a human being. It’s the best system, to me, I feel like it’s the best system in the world.

— Jackson


Jackson went on to say that the trainee system made him who he is today. It has instilled a strong work ethic in him that has helped him to work towards his goals.

It made me who I am today. I’m still working hard. I’m still very far from where I need to achieve, but I’m saying it made me who I am today. It made me Jackson, so I’m very blessed, and thank you.

— Jackson


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