GOT7 Jackson And Liam Payne’s 2017 EMA Interaction Was Completely Forgotten Until Now

It recently resurfaced and is going viral:

As a brand new decade fast approaches, fans have been looking back at iconic moments from the 2010s and in the process, they’ve uncovered some forgotten surprises along the way including one throwback with GOT7‘s Jackson and Liam Payne.


A few days ago, a clip of Jackson and Liam interacting during an award show while Jackson takes a sip of his drink suddenly appeared online.


Since resurfacing, the clip has been blowing everyone’s mind, with many fans even expressing their surprise after having forgotten all about this particular interaction! The moment has since gone viral, but it’s actually not the first time it did. In fact, this was actually a top viral moment from 2017!


Back in 2017, Jackson attended the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs). During the show, this particular interaction was caught on camera as Rita Ora presented the next act. At the time, Jackson went majorly viral as non-fans wanted to know exactly who the “cute Asian guy next to Liam” was and fans trended his attendance at the show!


Their interaction further garnered attention when Liam responded back to one netizen expressing his thoughts about Jackson.


With the interaction once again taking over, many fans just can’t help being as surprised now as they were then!