GOT7’s Jackson Made Everyone Burst Into Laughter Entering Into His Own Team Wang Giveaway

Only Jackson would enter into his own team’s giveaway 😂

It’s been 3 years since GOT7‘s Jackson established Team Wang, a dedicated management team for his activities in China. To celebrate this major milestone, Team Wang decided to hold a special giveaway…one Jackson hilariously decided to enter into too!

To kick off Team Wang’s 3rd-anniversary celebrations, Jackson headed to SNS to talk about the team and thank everyone for showing them lots of love and support over the years.

Team Wang also posted a message on their official accounts…

Before announcing they would be holding a special giveaway. Under their post, Team Wang explained they would be giving away 300 customized Team Wang keychains and let fans know the three steps they would need to complete to enter into the giveaway.

The three steps for entering via Instagram included following both Team Wang and their design accounts, liking the post, and tagging 3 friends in the comments. While fans excitedly completed the 3 steps, they were soon surprised to find a familiar face entering into the competition — Jackson!

Hilariously tagging Team Wang, Team Wang’s design account, and himself as his 3 friends, Jackson had officially entered himself into his own giveaway!

The surprise turn of events has fans cracking up hard…

And even wishing him luck in the random drawing!

Only Jackson would enter into his own team’s giveaway 😂