GOT7 Jackson’s Response To A Fan’s Question About Rice Was Pure Jackson

We all need to know more about this rice Jackson ate to become so hot!

Fans have been wondering exactly what kind of rice GOT7‘s Jackson has been eating to become so hot for a long time now and he finally gave his answer to the question in true Jackson fashion!


Back in 2014, Jackson appeared on an episode of After School Club and dropped the news that rice it was what made him so hot!


Although Jackson’s words have become an inside joke with Ahgases, it definitely comes in handy when Jackson posts some pics that are overwhelmingly hot! Which is exactly how fans finally got the answer to exactly what kind of rice Jackson’s dines on.


Jackson recently partnered up with Fendi for a brand new collection that was designed by Jackson himself and to celebrate the collection, Jackson posted a series of photos to his Instagram. And each and every one of them turned up the heat and left everyone feeling the effects.


Presented with his extreme sexiness, one Ahgase couldn’t resist asking Jackson more about his famous rice, wanting to know what brand it was that he ate.


Although the fan wasn’t really expecting a response, Jackson didn’t leave them hanging! Only Jackson came back with an answer that was pure Jackson!


While the exact brand of rice he eats remains a mystery, everyone is 100% in love with his playful response and it’s certainly not hard to understand why.


Now we’re off to enjoy these stunning photos that inspired the question and very Jackson answer (and maybe partake in some rice too)!