GOT7 Jackson Shares Adorable Video Of His Niece From His Trip To Australia

GOT7‘s Jackson is known for being complete sweetheart, and his recent Instagram post just proved how true that is.

Jackson is currently in Australia where he is promoting the GOT7 GLOBAL FANMEET IN AUSTRALIA 2017 with the rest of the group. The day before the event, he took to his Instagram to share an adorable video clip of him spending the day with his niece.

The clip is especially heartwarming since because of his busy schedule he isn’t able to see her often. In his caption, he apologized for not being able to spend as much time with her as he would like to and continued to melt fans’ hearts as he promised to love his little princess forever.

“As your uncle, I’m sorry for not being able to spend time with you all the time, watching you grow from month to month, I will try my best in the future to come see you more and more often! And when ever I see you I will force to give you 3000000 kisses !! LOL I will miss you and remember, you’re the prettiest princess in the world. I love you sooooooo much my Aimee.”

— GOT7 Jackson

Check out his ultra-adorable video post below.