GOT7 Teased Jackson By Choosing Him As The Member Whose Name They Have To Call The Most

But even Jackson had to agree it was the truth!

GOT7 couldn’t resist teasing Jackson about having to call out his name when working, but even Jackson hilariously agreed it was the truth!


With their new Call My Name EP stealing hearts left and right, GOT7 recently appeared on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time FM to talk about the album and more. While on the show, GOT7 were asked if there was any one member whose name got called out more than any other.


And it turns out there was — Jackson! Youngjae was quick to point out that the person who had read Ahgases’ question was the one person who they had to call to get his attention!



I think we’re always calling the name of the person who was just speaking.

— Youngjae


Not missing a beat, Mark had everyone cracking up hard when he revealed the main reason they always had to call Jackson was to bring him back to his senses!

Because we need to call him to his senses!

— Mark


Meanwhile, BamBam had everyone agreeing when he said Jackson just wasn’t capable of doing multiple things at once.

Jackson hyung seriously can’t do multiple things at once. You have to call him three times to get his attention.

— BamBam


But with all that teasing, even Jackson couldn’t deny that it was true. He concentrates so hard on one thing that he doesn’t hear anything else at all!

I concentrate so much I don’t hear anything.

— Jackson


Well, even if his members have to call him multiple times, they know that once they’ve got his attention that’s where his attention will be!