GOT7’s Jackson Took His Victory Celebrations To The Next Level When He Won A Go-Kart Race

Jackson celebrated his victory big!

After winning a go-kart race against his members, GOT7‘s Jackson took his celebrations to the next level and had fans cracking up hard with his extra reaction.


On the latest episode of GOT7 Tourlog, GOT7 got to spend time letting out their competitive side at a racing park in LA.


And let their competitive side out they did! From the moment they settled into their karts, they were ready for some serious speed and fun! Mark, BamBam, and Jinyoung were the first up to race with Jinyoung ultimately coming out on top!


Meanwhile, JB, Youngjae, Yugyeom, and Jackson were the next members to take the racing challenge.


As soon as the race began, they all zoomed out of the gate and sped towards the finish line! But it looks like Yugyeom, JB, and Youngjae’s need for speed was a little too great as each of them was ultimately disqualified from the race for starting too early which meant that Jackson won by default!


With his victory in the bag, well, Jackson couldn’t resist celebrating big. As soon as he stepped foot on the winner’s podium, he waved his arms and even popped an air champagne bottle to get the celebrations really going!


Ahgases, meanwhile, have been cracking up over Jackson’s default win and his extra reaction to taking home the victory!


You can check out Jackson’s awesome victory and celebration moment in the video below: