GOT7’s Jackson Wang Gave Wise Advice To Fans Stressed About Exams

“It’s not like if you fail an exam, it’s the end of life.”

Radio host and YouTuber Brooke Morrison recently interviewed GOT7‘s Jackson Wang, and he had some wise advice for fans.

Brooke asked some of fans’ questions, and one shared that they were preparing for exams. She asked if Jackson had some encouraging words. He responded with sage advice, advising not to stress.

Work hard, study hard, and … just do it! Don’t stress yourself out. It’s not like if you fail an exam, it’s the end of life. That doesn’t mean don’t try hard. Try hard! Study hard but, if you fail, hey, it is what it is.

— Jackson Wang

| Brooke Morrison/YouTube

Jackson emphasized that we should always attempt to do our best with whatever we do. Nonetheless, if we happen to fail an exam, it’s not the end of the world. It’s only one chapter of many in life.

Move on and start doing new stuff. What’s the next chapter? Go, go, go!

— Jackson Wang

| Brooke Morrison/YouTube

He added, “You understand and know yourself… that’s how you’re going to make your own history.” He explained that knowing what you are passionate about is important to know what steps are needed to achieve one’s goals.

If you’re in love with something, you want to do something, start making plans thinking about how are you going to get there.

— Jackson Wang

| Brooke Morrison/YouTube

When something doesn’t work out, keep moving forward!

You can watch the full interview below:

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Source: Brooke Morrison and Image