GOT7’s Jay B Reveals How He Felt Before The Group’s Debut Music Show Performance

It was definitely an important day for all the members!

GOT7‘s Jay B recently appeared on a video with GQ Korea and was given various questions on his group, K-Pop, and general knowledge!

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The first question gave the date January 16, 2014, and asked where GOT7’s first debut music show was.

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Without even a second thought, leader Jay B knew it was on an episode of M Countdown where they performed their debut track “Girls Girls Girls.”

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He seemed to be relieved that it was the correct answer considering it was such an important time in his life!

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Looking back on that day, Jay B remembered how he had stayed up all night preparing for the performance because he wanted to do his best on the day.

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He also remembered how he had this typical rookie mentality ahead of the show, believing that they were the best.

You know that rookies are always trying to look cool on the stage. ‘I’m the best on this stage,’ I think it was the time I thought this.

— Jay B

| GQ Korea/YouTube

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, you can watch GOT7’s debut performance of “Girls Girls Girls” below.

Source: GQ Korea