GOT7’s Jay B Leaves Eric Nam And His Staff Shook With Chilling Ghost Story

“It was a woman’s voice.”

GOT7‘s Jay B hilariously gave Eric Nam and the staff at the Daebak Show the chills when he related his personal experience with a ghost.

(Left to right) GOT7’s Jay B and Eric Nam | @thedivestudios/Instagram

They spent the episode talking about many things, including Jay B’s favorite hobbies, his work on Mindset, and, surprisingly, ghosts. Eric Nam brought up the subject by pointing out that there are some particularly scary recording studios, and that he himself thinks he once saw a ghost. But he wasn’t prepared for Jay B’s story!

Jay B agreed that weird things sometimes happen in studios. In fact, he shared that he not only once heard a noise, but he actually unknowingly recorded an inexplicable singing. Eric Nam was not too happy to hear that, hilariously saying, “Don’t do that. Stop lying.”

| DIVE Studios Podcasts/YouTube 

The story began (as all ghost stories do) with Jay B recording alone late at night in the studio.

He was absolutely sure that he had only recorded the main vocals for his song, with no doubling… Yet, he heard someone’s voice in his recording.

He realized that the voice had done the harmony and that in fact, it wasn’t even a man’s voice—meaning he could be fairly certain that it wasn’t him. It was actually a woman’s voice!

Hearing that, Eric Nam couldn’t help but giggle nervously. He also hilariously exposed the show’s staff for being just as scared as him, saying, “Everyone here got goosebumps!”

But Jay B explained that he doesn’t typically react with shock himself. Instead, when he heard the woman in his recording, he had calmly told himself, “I’ll erase it and record it again.”

Naturally, that sounds like a weird response to witnessing what could have been a ghost. But Jay B had an explanation for it. According to him, he had reasoned that “It will show up if I act like I’m aware,” so he decided to suppress his fear because it would otherwise be much scarier if the ghost made itself visible.

Jay B ultimately “just erased the file and recorded again,” proving he may be slightly less than relatable when it comes to seeing ghosts. Even Eric Nam was still shook at the end of the story, as were the staff. He jokingly called out to them saying, “You guys don’t look good.”

While Eric Nam and his staff at the Daebak Show were understandably chilled by the story, Jay B’s reaction to the ghost (or lack thereof, perhaps) is hilariously unique: not everyone would be able to keep their chill like that, let alone continue to stay in the studio (alone and late at night) and keep recording!

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